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Issue Mart
Smart Contract

MARTCOIN is a cryptocurrency, based on ETH blockchain, which integrates Smart Contract technology and ERC20 standard. As an ETH token and an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. It is intended to use as a basic building block that may be combined with other protocols to work advancing sophisticated.

It allows MART owners to diversify their portfolio by accessing tags related to the price of the asset. MART enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling or betting their asset tokens. As a result, MART will be widely used in the Betting market.

The platform extends liquidity and stringency of assets, reduces transaction costs. It provides MART holders with stringency price discovery and diversification across multiple asset classes as it allows the creation or listing of third party asset tokens compliant with MART disclosure and legal structure rules

Why choose

According to the global betting market in 2015, the value of betting was $3,000 billion, equivalent to $250 billion a month. Of which $2,500 billion was illegal betting. The reason for the majority of illegal bets is that they have to bet in a country that does not allow gambling.

We would like to support this illegal $2,500 billion become legal gambling by allowing players to place bets on a legally registered gambling establishment in the UK, a country that allows gambling (refer to Gambling Bill [ HL Bill 19, 2004-05]). This minimizes legal risk for players, while minimizing the cost of casinos. Our target will be to support 5% of this market, equivalent to $150 billion.

Total crypto currency capital could reach $2 trillion by 2020 with global trading volume exceeding $22 trillion. The value of asset cryptocurrencies traded on the MART platform could reach $1 billion by 2020 with trading volume about $8 billion


The MART platform makes transaction safer with blockchain & faster with ERC20 standard.

MART holders can trade or bet asset tokens on the MART platform and manage their portfolio. It gives a transaction function, access to credible asset data stored on blockchain and portfolio analysis tools on the MART platform.

Road map 2018

  • Q1
  • Roadmap ver2.
  • Whitepaper ver2.
  • List on the international crypto trading exchanges
  • Q2
  • Release Martcoin Android & IOS Wallet.
  • Integrated payment gateway in Martcoin for M365.BET.
  • Complete Martcoin API integration for partner betting platforms.
  • Release Window/Linux/Mac OS Wallet
  • Release Martcoin TOR Wallet
  • Q3
  • Upgrades system security.
  • Deploy Martcoin global online retail channel.
  • Prepare to swap Token to Coin
  • Q4
  • Martcoin Independent Blockchain.
  • R&D New Decentralization features and Optimizations.
  • R&D Smart Governance
  • Ultra Secure Digital User ID



The global betting
market in 2015


Illegal transactions


Smart Contract


Liquidity ecosystem
& Seciruty

And more than 2000 forms can be betting on the globe
More ecosystem


Global sports gambling worth 'up to $3 trillion'

The global sports betting market is worth up to $3 tn, the vast majority of that generated by illegal gambling, a United Nations conference hears ©Roslan Rahman (AFP/File)...

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